4 Stars - Mojo Magazine

Two years ago, Johnny Irion put together a band, US Elevator, to play the rock songs that he’d been neglecting since he partnered with Sarah Lee Guthrie and made five folk albums. During a break in recording that band’s self-titled debut, he started writing the songs that led to this album, recording them on a 24-track vintage Studer tape machine. Not so much American rock, m, more Americana - 10 engaging songs layed with a band that includes Neal Casal and members of Dawes, Wilco, and Mother Hips. Some of them them played a part in US Elevator, so it’s no sprprise to hear some of that album’s Burritos, Beatles, and Laurel Canyon moments on this album too (Palm Springs; Salvate The Day ‘ Angels Fly). Fine mind-temp country-rock with a tinge of nostalgia and a sense of summer. - Sylvie Simmons